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MARK-9 Search and Rescue


Jerry is a member of MARK-9 Search and Rescue (SAR), and is subject to being called away at any time.  For information about this organization, ask Jerry or visit their website.

Jerry and Gypsy receive Dallas

Police Department award 


MARK-9 is a non-profit canine search and rescue organization, providing search services to any fire, police, or government agency requesting their assistance in the D/FW area.  They dispatch their dog and handler teams to assist in search and rescue efforts whenever people are lost, missing, or in danger.  Mark-9's area is greater D/FW, but has served all of Texas, with responses into NM, OK, AR, and LA.


All their dog and handler teams are highly skilled to search in specific situations, but many are cross-trained to provide a variety of services.


MARK-9 is an all-volunteer organization.  They pride themselves on training and searching as volunteers committed to professional standards.  Apart from the team, many of their members have working backgrounds as first-responders, in the military, in medical fields, aviation, dog training, scuba, amateur and commercial broad­casting, construction safety and crime investigation.  Apart from that background, they have a common concern for humankind, a drive to serve, and a love and respect for the working dog.


They have worked small neighborhood searches and full-scale national disasters, searching for a single elderly Alzheimer's patient or an entire community devastated by storm.  The boy in the creek, the missing teen, or the child who pushed out the screen door and strayed.  They were part of the recovery team for the astronauts of the shuttle Columbia.


A SAR team takes dedication.  MARK-9 trains approximately 51 weeks a year, 3-5 hours per week, nights and weekends.  It is not uncommon for them to search all day one day and train the next.  A good team never rests on the search experience behind it — as with a crisis or emergency response team of any sort, they have to think ahead, train ahead, learn from their past searches, and think forward to new forms of peril and new rescue possibilities.


MARK-9 Search and Rescue is a 501(c) non-profit organization.  Contributions may be made to the organization or left with Jerry at the Rogers Hotel Barber Shop.  Please make checks to "MARK-9 Search and Rescue."



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